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Independent team of cybersecurity professionals. We provide a comprehensive approach of various security services. Our main principle is to ensure our clients with maximum cybersecurity level conducting in-depth assessment of vulnerabilities and providing support for elimination of threats.

Our services

Penetration Testing

The process of penetration testing simulates real attack from the Internet. It helps to identify IT security issues to successfully eliminating them.

Vulnerability Assessment

The process of assessment is meant to identify, quantify and prioritize vulnerabilities in customer`s segment that expose to the Internet.

Web Application Analysis

Automatic scanning and/or manual scanning is provided during Web Application Analysis.

Social Engineering Testing

Social Engineering Testing methods are used to gain confidential information from employees during spear-phishing, wishing, smishing and other attack’s vectors. It allows to understand the level of awareness of employees on issue s of information security.

Incident Investigation

Incident investigation is a process for reporting, tracking and investigating incidents which prevents recurrence and helps to achieve safer workplaces.

Source Code Audit

Source code audit is a type of testing that helps to figure out hidden problems in application. Source code audit can guarantee that onsecure code will never pushed on production.

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Why is it so important?

In today's reality it is very important to maintain high cybersecurity level in business.
Financial and reputation losses from incidents can reach huge proportions, therefore security can not be underestimated.
Here are some facts:

  • Almost a Third of All U.S. Businesses Were Breached in 2017. 27% of respondents spent between $5,000 and $50,000 to respond to a breach, and 30% spent between $50,000 and $100,000
  • $12,500 pecuniary damage from average incident in small and medium business
  • $322,500 pecuniary damage in large business
  • In 2017 $89 billion is spent by companies on information security worldwide, $82 billion - in 2016
  • In 2017 $53 billion is spent by companies on information security services worldwide, $48 billion - in 2016
  • Expected $97 billion in 2018 on information security and $58 billion on information security services

Probability of system compromise

Breaking network perimeter
Internal intruder's attack
Intrusion through Wi-Fi
Social engineering

Achievements for business

Prevention of reputational damage

Prevention of financial damage

Safety of sensitive information

Achievements for IT

Understanding existing vulnerabilities

Maintenance infrastructure’s security level

Increase the security of mobile and web applications

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